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Attitude is Everything

I was never much of an athlete so when I found out that I had to exercise to stay well with Parkinson's, I was dismayed. Sweat and I never got along and still don't. Why can't Parkinson's be beat by eating M & M's? That sounds like much more fun. When I realized what a difference exercise made in my quality of life, I was sold. Intense exercise had to be part of my life like it or not. In fact, it helped so much that I wanted to help others realize it, and I got certified to help coach at the gym. I was feeling like a bad ass and that attitude has served me well.  My Parkinson's has progressed over the past seven and a half years, although slowly, and some days can be pretty rough. I still find that calling out that bad ass chick inside me helps get through the tough times. I may have many more years to deal with Parkinson's so I hope that bad ass chick sticks around. My dear, sweet husband made this design and put it on a shirt for me. It is my reminder