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Seize the Minute

  Although I never wanted Parkinson's, I am thankful for some of the things it has taught me.   I have learned to enjoy everyday, mundane activities.   Those things in everyone's day that they don't think about, often stand out to me.    I am able to rise easily  from a chair,  do laundry and cook dinner.  I can drive to the grocery store when needed.  Although household chores are not fun, I find joy in the fact that I can do them.  I know all too well now that not everyone can do these things. I have learned to take advantage of the times when I feel my best.   Parkinson's can be so unpredictable throughout the day that there are times when simple tasks become hard.  You might find me chopping vegetables for dinner in the middle of the morning because I am feeling good in the morning and never know what the afternoon will bring.  (It often brings tremors and fatigue).  If it ends up being a good afternoon, then dinner is already prepped and  I have extra time to enjoy