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Out of My Mind...

If you have been living with Parkinson's for a while, you are likely living at the mercy of Parkinson's medications. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that medications are available. Without them, life would be miserable much of the time. But don't get me wrong (again), even with medication, you may feel like you are losing your mind. Early on, you take your meds on schedule, you can pretty much count on how long they will last and know what to avoid with them (protein maybe). As the years pass, and your symptoms progress, you would think you could either just, A. increase your meds or B. increase the frequency of your meds depending on what your doctor recommends. This seems logical to me. Sometimes this works, but eventually you end up with an E-ticket to the Dopacoaster. What is special about the Dopacoaster is that the tracks can change hour to hour. You took the ride yesterday and felt good. Life with PD was manageable. Today, you follow the same sche

Expect the Unexpected

When you (or your loved one) were first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, did anyone tell you that the future was going to be full of surprises? Like...poof...surprise, that medicine that worked just fine yesterday, has stopped working today but never fear, it may work again tomorrow. Or...surprise, your toes have taken on a mind of their own and are now dancing to their own tune. Not all the surprises are bad. Did anyone tell you that you might become part of a community full of resilient, caring, and determined warriors? Did you ever imagine that at your age...whatever that age might be, you would be stronger than you ever thought possible and would be spending hours a week in the gym and enjoying it? One thing for sure that Parkinson’s has taught me is to expect the unexpected. The only thing I can do to prepare for the unknown is to educate myself. By doing this, I am better equipped to handle whatever comes my way.