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Life on the Dopacoaster

I have always had mixed feelings about rollercoasters. They thrill and excite with slow, climbing ascents to vistas with beautiful views at the top, and can be terrifying with steep and sudden dropoffs. There is very little time in-between the extreme highs and lows to enjoy a peaceful ride. I can't help but make a comparison to my journey with Parkinson's. I am fortunate that Carbidopa/Levodopa, the gold standard treatment for PD, works well for me. I swallow those little yellow gems with the anticipation that slowly my symptoms will go away leaving me with a peaceful trek through my day. Seven years ago, when I was diagnosed, the peaceful ride lasted a lot longer. My highs and lows were more like gentle, winding curves in the road with the occasional speed bump thrown in to trip me up. Today, the peaks and valleys have gotten steeper while the time to enjoy the view in-between has gotten shorter and shorter. I have tried to smooth out the ride with various combinations