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Handling the Holidays

 Oh, the weather outside is frightful…or maybe it’s not so frightful if you’re living in beautiful southern California.  The weather typically isn’t one of our worries this time of year, but this time of year can certainly bring its challenges for anyone, especially someone living with PD.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but I do best when I follow a strict routine.  Wake up early, take meds at designated times, eat food that is not only nutritious but is timed around taking those meds, go to exercise classes regularly, hang out with people that understand my limitations and aren’t offended when I need some down time, making sure I have that down time daily so my stress levels stay low.  Where in this routine am I going to fit family gatherings, holiday parties, shopping and more shopping, sending cards, decorating the house, and don’t forget baking dozens of cookies for the neighbors? Here’s a few tips to help you through the holidays with PD. Set an alarm for your medications. This